Now with the Summer over after WWE Summerslam, we saw the direction of what WWE Creative is going to take when it comes to the WWE Championship.

Once again John Cena will be the immediate focus and the next contender for the WWE Championship, and CM Punk is very likely to have completed his Heel turn after kicking. Jerry “The King” Lawler on the back of the head at the end of Raw.

On Monday hours before Monday Night Raw started, WWE Champion CM Punk touted that HE will choose his next opponent for “Night of Champions”.  Raw General Manager AJ Lee then stated that she liked the idea pending her approval of the opponent punk chooses. We later find out that  John Cena will be the next opponent…If John Cena will accomplish one condition that would be stated later in the night.CM Punk would emerge at the end of the night and before calling out John Cena, he would approach Jerry Lawler and demand an apology after Lawler said Punk had turned his back on the WWE Universe after assaulting “The Rock” on the 1000th episode of Raw.

Just before Lawler apologized Cena would appear and Punk revealed that all Cena would need to do to have a WWE Championship match would be to admit to the world that CM Punk is “The Best in the World”. John Cena will then evade saying it out of  “respect” for his own fans and would turn his back and leave the arena. Punk would return to Lawler and ask for him to not only apologize but to also admit thet he is the “Best in the World”, Lawler would the also evade saying this out of “Respect” of the fans, he would then turn and bump Punk as he’s walking away, causing Punk to turn and kick Jerry Lawler on the head with raw once again ending with CM Punk in the spotlight.

It seems that WWE and creative is starting to trust CM Punk alot more and having faith in the “Second City Saint”, but the real question is what will we see in the Fall going into 2013?

Only time will tell, will CM Punk allign himself with someone creating a stable of former ROH (Ring of Honor) and independent wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose? I hope so this will not only liven up the deadness of the current storyline but it will finally allow for a revolution, the one that CM Punk has been fighting for the past year.


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